I am a trial attorney. I stand up for those who cannot stand up for themselves against bullies. I am a National Trial Lawyers’ Top 40 Under 40, Million Dollar Advocates Forum, whatever other awards, trial attorney who has won some trials and lost some, and I shouldn’t be here.

Statistics say I should be dead or in prison. I never graduated high school. By 15 years old my parents were in a brutal divorce, I had violated probation yet again, I was poor, I got kicked out of the military-style boot camp program for troubled youth, and I had packed whatever little belongings I had and was sent to live in a group home for troubled youth. I was broken. But through the grace of God, my step-father, my mother and her smile, my family, my wife and her smile, a Winston Churchill quote, and a little bit of grit and determination, from the ashes rises the phoenix.

I graduated college in New York magma cum laude (I guess that’s near the top) in philosophy, “near the top” of my class in law school, and am a rising trial attorney in San Diego, California (with a few awards and more coming). The battle isn’t over, in fact, I am still not convinced the hard part is even over. Every day is another struggle, a battle to the death, in the arena of court and in life. I want to help others in theirs. So rise, smile, and meet me fighting with you in the arena

Come see me over at https://www.thebarnesfirm.com/attorneys/richard-b-mackie/ & smileinthearena.com