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PTSD: Practice Trial San Diego

A place to get up and conquer your fear

Stand up in front of people, get in the fear, now stay in it. All the knowledge in the world goes out the window when the cabin pressure of the room is sucked out and we are alone, in front of people, public speaking. 

Lets get in that fear and talk trial! We will get up in front of each other and talk. We will talk about trial: our wins, our losses, our past trials, and our upcoming trials. We will be a community, a support group, for eachother in trial (whether in a court or not). A place to practice the fundamentals, work on trial techniques, and most of all – have fun doing it! 

Lets get up and lets talk trial! This group seeks to raise awareness for the invisible injuries of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in our veterans and community and will offer information and opportunity to support the National Veterans Foundation ( 

Like Toastmasters for Trial attorneys!!

Trial Support Group!

Come talk, tell your story, get support!

Stay Sharp!

Stay in the game, stay calm, stay comfortable public speaking!

Learn, Practice, Perfect

No matter your experience or fear level - YOU are WELCOME, ALL are WELCOME

Ask Questions, Get Answers

You’ve got trial questions? We've got Answers!

Come on IN!!!


Got your first trial ever coming up or did you just finish your 100th trial and just feel like hanging out? Been a while since your last trial and are looking to knock the dust off or was your last win/loss more recent and want to talk about it? No matter your skill level, no matter the issue, come on by. We are here for you, and this group has your back. 

Now Stand UP and Let’s Talk Trial!!


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